Friday, August 15, 2008

Geek Fest

I took A and F and A's friend I to the Star Wars exhibit at the Science Museum. The kids got introduced to the "phenomenon" playing Lego Star Wars on the neighbors Wii. We then rented the movies to watch over vacation so they knew what they were talking about in the video game and we have gotten some Star Wars Lego kits. So, what is the next step? That's right join the rest of the Star Wars crowd to worship movie models and costumes. It was a great exhibit and we went to the Imax movie on special effects (which was loved by all). We also waited for over an hour to "make the jump to lightspeed." It is a little five minute video and surround sound "ride" in a replica of the Millennium Falcon. Three bucks - cash only - exact change required. All in all a great way to kill the majority of a day.

I, of course, couldn't stop people watching. I saw so many fat, pale, socially awkward men and women. Many of them were married to each other and many had equally fat, pale, socially awkward kids. And there were a lot of Star Wars t-shirts, which of course breaks the cardinal rule of never wearing the t-shirt of the band you are going to see.

I would imagine we will be considering an R2-D2 costume for F for Halloween. I am trying to convince E that Jabba the Hut would be a great choice. She's not buying it.

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