Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A - Lo - Ha!

Life has really settled into the mundane around here. Nothing of too much interest is happening, thus my long gaps between posts. That will change in a couple of weeks when we leave for our Spring Break trip to Italy. I guess there has been some other news - I am set to race at Hawaii 70.3. I bought my plane tickets last week and confirmed my accommodations. (If you want to know my itinerary - so you know when to avoid the Big Island - send me an email.) Now, I just need the new ride to arrive and for all the snow and potholes to go away so I can get out on the road instead of hammering on the trainer.

Training has been going well. My coach likes to see if she can make me barf (not yet, but close.) I am WAY ahead of last year - even ahead of where I was at the END of last year. I am feeling fit and, now that my injuries are under control, much more positive. It will be a fun spring.

Like I said, not much to speak of. You are free to return to your lives.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Tired Subject

I have been debating about writing this post for some time. To me the subject seems kind of tired, but as I don't have anything else I thought I would just go for it.

"Health Clubs"

I have developed a love/hate relationship with "health clubs." Part of this is news (the 'love' part) and part of this is nothing new to anyone who has read my blog for awhile (that would be the 'hate' part.)

(Tangential thought alert! Every time I write a post critical of my favorite targets - airlines and "health clubs" - or any other thing that irritates me, I think about all the jobs I can't apply for. Oh, well - it's more important to be entertaining than employed, right?)

So this "love" part is new. I only "love" the club because it has given me the opportunity to rehab my injury without having to struggle outside in the snow, ice and muck. So other than that, it's really mostly "hate."

I have about 10,000 reasons why I hate "health clubs" but I'll whittle it down to a select few.

Locker rooms are GROSS (dudes are gross in locker rooms)

I can't count the number of old band-aids I have seen in the shower. And they are folded up so the person had to take it off, fold it and then just leave it on the shower floor. Disgusting.

Then there is the snorting, coughing, hacking, spitting and snot-rocket blowing in the shower. I guess it's fine if you have to do that, but maybe without so much gusto. Ick.

And in no particular order: dude's junk on the edge of the counter, dude's bare ass on the bench, dudes walking around bare-ass naked - just wrap a fricking towel around your waist, dude's sitting in the sauna - legs spread (with or without towel) - facing the window. I DO NOT WANT TO SEE YOUR DANGLING, HAIRY MAN-PARTS, thank you very much.

Other disgusting people

On at least three occasions now I have put my water bottle in the holder on the treadmill and then have had problems getting it out because someone left gum in there. WTF!? I check now. It always seems to be the same kind of gum. Just spit it out before you start.

"Health Club" is a fallacy

I refer to a "health club" rather than a "gym." To me, a "gym" is something at a school with basketball hoops, a cargo net and climbing ropes. And I put it in quotes because I don't really think I see a lot of "health" being gained. I have to admit that I don't know nuthin', 'bout nuthin' on this subject, but I see so few people sweating, breathing even a little heavily or doing exercises correctly that it hardly seems like a place people are getting "healthy." Even when they are working with "personal trainers" they seem to be "working" very little.

Waste of money

I find a "health club" to be a total waste of money. I do have to temper this opinion somewhat, because I have gotten a lot of use out of it these last few months, but for the most part I think a lot of money is paid for very little use. Now that it's getting nice out the last thing I will want to do is run inside so it will become even less useful.

The Cast of Characters

Then there's the cast of characters:

The chick who is there seemingly all day, everyday - halter top (open back, so no bra?) and a tennis skirt. On the elliptical, not at all working hard, typing on her laptop.

The heavy sweater who hammers on every machine he is on and sweats profusely - (that would be me.)

The muscle-meatheads who wear tight wife-beaters (matching with their friends) or muscle t-shirts with the sleeves cut wide open and then walk around all puffed up. It doesn't disguise their gut - so dude, you're not "buff" you're just "fat."

And finally, the fat complainer. I see this woman, who is working with a personal trainer, and every time the trainer has her do something even moderately strenuous she exclaims, "Oh my god, you can't be serious?" It's never fails to make me smile. In an uncomfortable way.

I guess this kind of turned into a rant. Sorry about that. I'll try to find my funny again for my next post.