Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A - Lo - Ha!

Life has really settled into the mundane around here. Nothing of too much interest is happening, thus my long gaps between posts. That will change in a couple of weeks when we leave for our Spring Break trip to Italy. I guess there has been some other news - I am set to race at Hawaii 70.3. I bought my plane tickets last week and confirmed my accommodations. (If you want to know my itinerary - so you know when to avoid the Big Island - send me an email.) Now, I just need the new ride to arrive and for all the snow and potholes to go away so I can get out on the road instead of hammering on the trainer.

Training has been going well. My coach likes to see if she can make me barf (not yet, but close.) I am WAY ahead of last year - even ahead of where I was at the END of last year. I am feeling fit and, now that my injuries are under control, much more positive. It will be a fun spring.

Like I said, not much to speak of. You are free to return to your lives.


Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

Hey, congrats on the plane tix and the feeling strong. I live for those days!

ADC said...

Thank you for allowing me to return to my life, thank you.

kerrie said...

wow...italy for spring break, then a little trip to hawaii. i think that i want your job ;)!
i'm still waiting for the price of tickets to drop...fingers are crossed!

Jill Costantino said...

Italy and then Hawaii - will your family adopt mine please????

When you get your bib number be sure to let us know so we can "follow" you. Awesome about the injuries under control - that is always a good thing.

Charisa said...

Ohhhh HONU - very fun! Italy?!!!! NICE!!!!!