Monday, October 6, 2008

Marathon Reminders

Once again, sorry to everyone who reads this. This list is more for me, so I don't mean to bore you.

Things to remember for the next marathon:

1) If I have to pee, pee early (preferrably in the first five miles).  It is a lot easier to recover the time rather than later in the race.

2) Lube up the waist band area.  The only place missed and the only place that is not pretty.

3) Strawberry Clif Shots are my friend.  They went down pretty well and didn't taste terrible even after the fourth one.

4) Drink 1.5 liters of Accelerade orange in the morning.  Cut back on the water later so you don't have to pee as soon as you start.

5) Eat a Clif Builder Bar a half hour before the start.  It simulates what you do every morning before a run.

6) Take three Immodiums about three hours or so before the start.

7) Carbo-load three days out from the race.  It really works!

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