Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Danger in the Freezer

For whatever reason, since the TCM I have developed new aches and pains.  My left hip gets tight, but I can kind of stretch that out.  Then there are the shin splints.  The doctor gave me the thumbs up to run without pause as I don't have a stress fracture, but he suggested I ice my shin to help rehab it.  Taking that advice, I grabbed an ice pack from the freezer and Ace bandaged it to my shin over my sock.  Well, I thought it was over my sock.  Turns out it was only half on my sock and half on my bare skin.  As I walked around the house with my lower leg sufficiently numbed, I forgot about the ice pack - for about a half hour.  When I did remember the ice pack and decided to remove it I found the bare skin above my sock to be very white (whiter than normal - hard to believe I know) and very cold.  Creepily cold.  The thought that entered my brain - "Holy Shit!  I struggle all winter to stay warm and avoid frostbite and I fricking give it to myself in my own house."  Needless to say, I have a nice reddish area that now has some feeling in it, but still looks strange.  It's not worth a photo right now, but if it gets particularly gross, I will pass a visual along.

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Mary said...

Good work on getting the comment section up. Bad job on the ice pack.