Thursday, December 25, 2008

Thank God That's Over II

Thank God Christmas and the season of gluttony is finally over.  No more presents and no more massive quantities of food.  Let me amend that, more presents and food at my mom's house tomorrow, but small in comparison to what has taken place since Thanksgiving and especially the last few days.  With the kids off of school I have been thrown a little off my schedule so I feel like I have not been getting in the workouts I need.  Next week they are still around but it will be much calmer as we will not be traveling and New Year's will be a relatively calm affair with friends.  I plan on getting on my bike/trainer and picking up the weights again.

I can not believe how much crap we have now acquired.  (Thank you to everyone for all the presents.  I am in no way suggesting that the thoughtful gift you gave is "crap," it is all the other presents that people gave us that are "crap".  Your gift is perfect!)  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE "crap" as much as the next person, but until it all finds a home, it feels cluttery and like we have a bunch of "crap".  

I am happy to say that I received the items below:

The flashlight is from E and the other items were stocking stuffers from A.  I gave A a nice, warm robe (we weren't supposed to give each other gifts, but I couldn't help myself) and I encouraged her to buy herself a North Face down parka in a girls size large which, by the way, costs half the price of the women's version.  It fits perfectly.  Sometimes, it pays to be petite.

At the in-law's house we had our traditional dinner Christmas meal complete with birthday cake for Jesus.

I ate so much that I had heartburn so bad it kept waking me up.  Ah, mission accomplished.  Now I can start working it all off.  Yippee!

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Mary said...

Holy birthday cake for Jesus. I love those inlaws of yours.