Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Buck Ninety-Nine

Right after the holidays I stepped on the scale and this is what I weighed - 199 pounds.  Wow!  What the hell did I do to myself?  What I did to myself was eat massive quantities of everything put in front of me, hidden in the cupboards or left in the refrigerator.  Starting with Thanksgiving and on through New Year's we ate massive meals.  It was all so good, but the time has come to regain my self-control.  I absolutely refuse to touch 200 pounds again.  I was there before, never to return.  

I am pleased to report that I am already back down to 194.5.  I have stopped the face stuffing and adopted the following strategy:

Drink lots of water - I mean lots.  When I am hungry I drink half a bottle of water before I start to eat.  
Start with a good breakfast.
If I want something sweet I eat apples or oranges or a fat free yogurt. Salty, I eat a few cashews.  
For dessert I allow myself three Oreos, not the twelve I was eating in one sitting.  
I have also been trying to eat about half of what is on my plate.  
And I have stopped finishing the kids' food.  If they don't eat it, it doesn't get eaten.

So far, so good.  We'll have to see what I weigh in a couple of weeks to see how successful this new plan is.

Thanks for your support.

(Those freakish feet are not mine - I pulled that pic off the web.)

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