Thursday, January 15, 2009

Now that is tough

Even though two days ago I couldn't get myself to run in the cold morning, today I did it.  Or I should say "we" because MS and JH (aka "Dirty Skirt) and I ran on the coldest day of the year at the coldest time of the day because, "Hey, Fuck You Mother Nature and your arctic winds!"

When I left the house the temp said -19 degrees with a -38 degree wind chill.  When I got home the temp had dropped (yes, dropped) to -23 with a -40 wind chill.  Good times.

We layered up a lot and it actually wasn't too bad.  Even going so far as to Vaseline the very little exposed skin and eyelashes.  (Except for Dirty Skirt, she used Chap Stick.)  We didn't go far but, we did run and that is what counts.  

Unfortunately, I found out that the 405's operating temperature range does not extend down to -20.  It thaws out right quick though.

So I guess we are all tougher than we look.

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