Saturday, February 21, 2009

I am not always pretty

This has to be the single worst picture I have had taken of me. See, even I have not so pretty days. Actually, I can't wait for the family portrait that we had taken for the parish directory to show up. Those are some BAD photos. I was fully against this rite of Catholic humiliation, but A insisted. More on that when the photos come in. Back to the disaster at hand - first of all, I look like I have "man-boobs" in that shirt. Trust me, it's just the way it's wrinkling and some shadows and you know the way a camera distorts things. Right? And the look on my face - what the hell is that? Hey, did you see the cool lamp? I love that lamp. It is very mod and cool. (Anyone catch the way I was trying to distract you? No? Fine.) Anyway, A got a roaring laugh out of this picture as did the photographer, E. I am glad my pain can bring such pleasure to others.

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