Thursday, February 19, 2009

I Have Had ENOUGH!

I know no one is holding a gun to my head and saying I have to live in Minnesota. And I know I should not let the weather bother me (can't control it, right?) I have lived in Minnesota my entire life, nothing weather related should surprise me or set me off, especially winter weather. However, this morning's run was maddening. We had such a nice dry spell for a couple of weeks and it warmed up enough to melt a lot of snow, but now it's back in the single digits with negative wind chill temps. It makes all that loverly, melty snow turn back into boilerplate, ankle-breaking ice. My calves were feeling good and loose again and we could run without face masks. Now, I am back to self-waterboarding durning hill workouts and feeling tense from trying to stay warm and upright. To make matters worse, I continue to read blogs from people in San Diego, Hawaii and other warm locations. Apparently, it is too cold for people to blog in the upper midwest! (OK, that was unfair. I blog in the upper midwest and there are several others in the metro area who are very entertaining that I read regularly along with some Canadian bloggers who, frankly, have it worse than me.) I just wanted to be a baby for a few minutes. One of the likely problems is that our spring marathon is month sooner than the one we ran last year, so structured training puts us out on the ice and snow. Oh, well - spring will come. I just wish it would come sooner.

(As I read this post, I realize I am starting to sound like a broken record about the weather. But, hey, it's what Minnesotans do - they talk A LOT about the weather. And taxes.) 

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Natalie said...

But then we Minnesotans also have a sense of pride that we tough this weather out...that we can handle those sub-zeri temps and an insane amount of snow. Seriously though, I hate the cold and am 100% on the same page! I guess that just makes us enjoy spring all that much more. The only reason I stay is for family.