Monday, February 2, 2009

I run faster when it's warmer?

Who knew? I spent the weekend in Chicago with my lovely wife, staying at my brother in law's new place, sans kids. It was a nice break, but there was work to be done. The BIL is not married so needs a little interior design/decorating help, so I got the call. His place is really nice (much better then the hell hole he lived in in DC - sorry but true.) We got in Friday night and planned to shop and pick paint colors, etc. all day Saturday. I wanted to run Saturday, but just couldn't bring myself to do it. Something about sleeping in without kids was more appealing. Sunday morning I did run. It was beautiful! 35 degrees and partly cloudy with some wind. Virtually tropical compared to what had been running in. The BIL's place is about a half mile from the lake front so I ran to the trails there and headed south towards downtown. 

We go to Chi-town fairly often and I usually eke out a run along the lake. In the past the conditions have been OK, but not great. I was just so happy to be able to run without a facemask, gloves and four layers this time. And I was fast. 9.3 miles in about 1:13 with a massive negative split for all nine miles. There is just something to be said for running toward the Hancock Tower and watching it grow as you get closer. Big city running is fun! Now back to the tundra training I am used to. Ugh!



Funny thing about perspective. Most people wouldn't put 35 degrees and warm together, but I know exactly where you are coming from brother!!

Mary said...

Next time can the rest of us come? Your lovely won't mind...we are so much fun to have around.

Charisa said...

Nice run - LOVE Chicago.