Sunday, February 15, 2009

It Must Have Been Good If She Asked Me To Do It Twice

And then she asked me to do it for the neighbors. 

"Do" as in "cook." "It" as in "pork tenderloin."

A couple of days ago I made a pork tenderloin recipe that includes dried cherries, coarse mustard, wrapped in bacon and a currant jelly glaze. There can be nothing better than pork-on-pork action. The presentation left a little to be desired because I laid the bacon on lengthwise so it curled up and it was too close to the heat on top so it got a little dark. (Note to self: carefully read directions.) This time I know better and will wrap the bacon around the pork and move the rack in the oven down a couple of notches. 

We have some neighbors who recently had twins. They are a few years older than A and I and have two kids the same ages as ours (they are in school together.) A put together the dinner schedule and circulated it to all our friends - then she told me we needed to provide dinner, tonight. She requested I make the pork and said, "Why don't you make two and we can eat it again." What can I say, the girl loves her pork.

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Mary said...

Then you clearly should have gotten A this for Valentines Day.

Nice going Pork Boy!