Tuesday, February 3, 2009


A has been wanting to get a dog lately. This, from the woman who couldn't imagine having a dog six months ago. I was resistant for a long time because of the added expense (Hello, no job here,) added hassle when we want to do stuff and the fact that I would be responsible for training it as I am home all the time. Well, I have caved. I really like dogs and I love to get down and pet and play with them whenever I see them. We talked about what we want in a dog and settled on an adolescent to young-adult dog - no puppies - who is house trained and preferably kennel trained, medium sized with short hair or that doesn't shed, minimal drooling and loves kids. Unfortunately for both of us limbs intact was not a prerequisite. I provided a bunch of potential options with my number one pick stuck in the middle. A reviewed them and lo and behold selected my number one pick - Apollo!

The first thing you will notice about Apollo is that he is wearing a pink, silk, asian-style shirt (which is really unfortunate and would never happen at our house.) The next thing you might notice is that he only has three legs. According to his profile he is really sweet and can do everything a four-legged dog can, just not quite as fast or for as long and there is a picture of a little girl "mugging" him on a sofa and he looks totally unbothered. I have submitted our application and if we get a chance to meet him I will let you know how it goes.

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