Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wet and Wild Wednesday

I made it to the pool today. A good night's sleep really changes your perspective at 5:30 in the morning when you are supposed to go out and do something physical. Initially, I could tell it had been a few days since I had been in the water, but I got the feel back pretty quickly. Wednesday is always IM day, which is nice since mixing it up makes the session go quicker. Made the intervals, only took one extra bit of rest (15 seconds -like that even counts) and finished strong. I would like to up the yardage a little, but I feel pretty good about 3200 yards in about 50 minutes. I have to remind myself that it's only February and I don't have a race until June. I have plenty of time to up the yardage.

In other news - it's 36 degrees and sunny and we seem to have been spared from one round of wintery weather. Happy, happy, joy, joy. Tomorrow is another day, however.

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Roo said...

Wow- -3200 in 50 minutes. I wish I could swim like that! Of course- I get to swim outside so I probably shouldn't complain.....