Friday, March 27, 2009

Spring Break Training Plan

I am formulating my training plan for Spring Break. We leave on Sunday and I come back on Thursday, so I won't have to do any long Saturday runs on my own like last year. That was brutal. I had to do my first 18 miler on my own, on an island, in temps I hadn't experienced in about eight months. This year is much better. 

Tuesday I have an 8 - 10 mile tempo run. Thursday I have 8 - 10 miles with hills, but as I will be on the flattest island in FL, I should probably figure out some intervals or strides. The Garmin is going to come in very handy. 

I would also like to swim. I could do a couple of ocean swims along the beach. It is two miles down, but I could just do a one mile down and back. Or I could swim the full two miles down and run back - kind of ridiculous, screwed-up brick. I have no idea what the water temp is and I don't want to bring my wet suit, so swimming is tentative until I get down there. 

I will not have a bike, so I am off the hook on that one. 

I hope the weather holds down there. 


D said...

Take me with you. K, thanks.

Charisa said...

Vacation - FUN! And training on vacataion - MORE FUN!!