Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Two for Two

This week is starting out on the right note - training-wise anyway. Swam yesterday, ran today. Both felt good. On pace to swim again tomorrow as A is out of town with girlfriends in Chicago this weekend so no swim on Friday. My mom is in town for the kids' birthdays this weekend, so I can get my long run in on Saturday. At least that is the plan for now. 

I was so excited to run this morning because it was 40 degrees. Very minimal ice, a few puddles, but less than there has been and no need for jackets, stocking caps, thermal tights or mittens. It felt freeing to run unencumbered. The weather is bound to cool off here in the next week or so, but the worst of the weather should be behind us. (I say "should be" because last April was cold, rainy, snowy and miserable after a fairly decent March - Minnesota weather is a total crapshoot.) 

Still not nice enough to get the nice bike out on the wet, sandy, pot-holed roads, but I really should be riding the mountain bike more. (I can think up an excuse for anything, can't I?)

(Oh yeah, Happy St. Patrick's Day and Happy Birthday, E!)


Mary said...

Happy Birthday E!!!!

Steve Stenzel said...

Yeah, March is a TOTAL crapshoot in MN!!! Have fun out there!!