Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I have a touch of anxiety right now. I leave for Milan tomorrow afternoon and, while on one hand I am excited, on the other I am a little anxious. I guess I get like that when I don't know what to expect and that is where I am right now. I really have just one thing I want to do while there and that is go for a run. Hey, how many times am I going to get the chance to run in Milan? Also, if I don't I will be missing two runs this week and I have a half-marathon the following weekend. A race I would like to push, but not an "A" race, so I don't really want to taper. Even inadvertently. 

So I am trying to get stuff packed, trying to get some last minute stuff done around the house and trying to figure out where I am going.

Now that I write this it seems like I don't have much to worry about, but I feel like I should worry a little about something. Damn, I am a mess. I should really just show up and let it all happen. Riiiight.

OK this post really kind of sucks, because I am so scatter brained. Let's read about this morning's run then.

After the "miserable 21" from Saturday, I think our expectations for today's run were rather low. We had 7 miles on the schedule - 4 "easy" and the last 3 at threshold pace including the hillier route around the lake. That first mile was torture. I was still feeling Saturday's run and it didn't help one bit that I sat on my butt Sunday and Monday. (I blew off swimming again and just could not get on my bike although I did bring it in and put it on the trainer.) We settled into a nice quick pace. I was watching the pace but not sharing until MS asked how slow we were going, "9:30s, right?" Nope, we were going 8:45s. You have got to love it when a quick pace seems slow. Now we were a little more encouraged. My achy stiffness had abated and we were all feeling pretty good as we finished up mile 4. 

You can see on my pace and HR charts when we downshifted to threshold pace. Actually, we ended up being 15 to 20 seconds faster than our prescribed pace and we held it even up and down the hills. All in all it was a fantastic run. 

Now if the wind would let up I could maybe fit in a ride today. (Not holding my breath.)

Next post should be from somewhere in Europe!


D said...

What's that? You need an Assistant to come to Milan with you? Funny, I'm available and ready to go. K, thanks.

Natalie said...

Milan will be fantastic! If nothing more than at the very least, a great experience. Here's to hoping though that a new work opportunity comes of it.

Make sure to bring your camera with you when you run in Milan...do one of those commentaries a la Bree! Have a safe trip. Soon we'll be SUPing on the lakes.