Sunday, April 26, 2009

Buona Sera

I am too tired to post anything in great detail right now. So here is a Twitterfied post with subjects I will expand on over the coming days. I also have tons of pictures. It was a good trip.

"I'm back & exhausted. Here's what I learned/saw: I hate air travel, I love & hate Milan, the furniture show was great, went to mass at Duomo"

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D said...

Air travel can be good and bad. I find that air travel to Europe sucks, but I'm further away from it than you.
But AC Milan? That's all I got.
I like couches. I use mine A LOT.
What the hell is Duomo? Uh... I suspect I'm going to hell for using "hell" in the same sentence as Duomo, right? Woops... did it twice.