Friday, April 3, 2009

Home at Last

Well, I am back home. A and the kids are still in FL for another day, so I am flying solo. I really miss all of them, which wasn't always the case. 

The trip back was frustrating, long and irritating. My flight from Ft. Meyers to Atlanta was delayed because the plane got in late from Atlanta. After we boarded, we waited a little longer and they announced we wouldn't take off until after 4:00 - It was 1:45 at this point. Luckily, we had not pushed back from the jetway so they let us off the plane. I checked on flights from Ft. Meyers and from Atlanta because my connection to Minneapolis was scheduled for around 5:00 so I would miss it if we left at 4:00. I was watching the weather roll through Atlanta and figured I would wait until I got there to rebook. It turned out to be a good decision because we ended up taking off at about 3:00. 

I am not secretive about my utter distain for air travel and airlines. I cannot understand how these big companies can charge as much as they do for flights and make no money. In my opinion the people running airlines have to be the worst business people in the world. Especially since there is ONE airline consistently making money. If one can do it why not more? To make matters worse, that one airline also has good customer service and happy employees, while these other airlines have the surliest attendants ever and bad customer service. It is just maddening. The target for most of my ire is my local carrier Northwest airlines ("Northworst" to most of the flying public.) They have had a local monopoly on flights out of the area for years and they seem to not care about anyone but themselves. OK - you know what - I am just going to stop right here on this. None of you care about this little rant.

My flight from Atlanta to Minneapolis was delayed so I didn't have to rebook, but we got out really late. I lucked out and got to sit in an exit row so I could stretch out. I finally got home at about 9:00. Four hours later then scheduled. Too late to get the dog. I went and got some "Russian Roulette" sushi (who knows how long it had been in the case), ate and went to bed. I slept like a rock! There is nothing like sleeping in your own bed. 

I picked up the dog this morning. He was SO happy to see me. Now he is sacked out next to me because he played so hard on his vacation. 

Although not a fan of Florida, it was a nice trip this year. The weather was crummy in Minnesota and great down there so how can I complain. Next year's Spring Break is a confluence of events that gives us a two week break. Thankfully we will not be spending it in Florida. Off to do some laundry - love come back from a trip.

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