Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Masters Morning

I am not much for detailing my workouts, especially swim workouts (kind of boring), but this morning we rocked a fun one. Wednesday is IM day. Here is our main set:

8 x 250 on 4:00

1,5 - 150 fly, 100 free
2,6 - 150 back, 100 breast
3,7 - 150 breast, 100 back
4,8 - 150 free, 100 fly

I made every one, but the breast stroke ones were about 2 seconds rest. I am glad I don't have to breast stroke any races (feel free to insert middle school jokes here.) Oh, and to be honest, I drilled half the fly, because I am old and hey, ever do fly in a triathlon? - didn't think so.

Now I have get back on the bike. fun.


Charisa said...

You don't do fly in triathlon? Hmmm, maybe this is why my swim times are slow . . .

D said...

Well if you're gonna comment in your post about about making juvenile boob comments, then you leave me nothing. NOTHING.

Natalie said...

So, I guess today will be a trainer ride? I love the drizzly days like today though!

Not so bad of a swim for being off for a few days. You really should work on that fly though. ;-)