Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Wouldn't that be a great product? Just rub a little on those trouble areas - spare tire, love handles, saddle bags, what have you - and the squishy areas become firm and toned. Wait, that stuff is all over the drug store and packing my spam in-box. Well, I have developed my own Pudge-be-Gone program to combat the issues outlined in my previous post.

The Cadbury Mini-eggs are gone! Ate the last few last night after dinner. And if I recall correctly, the Starburst Jelly Beans are also gone. I was in the grocery store last night (I spend A LOT of time in the grocery store) and they were totally out of Mini-eggs and Starburst Jelly Beans. Good - temptation averted. I am still off Oreos and ice cream and, like booze, I think I will just continue to say, "No," because if I get started it will not end pretty (Think the end of "Dodgeball.") Easter dinner will come and go soon enough.

I missed Masters practice on Monday when my alarm didn't go off, so I made up for it by hopping on my bike. I wanted to go an hour or more grinding a big gear for some strength work, but because of the combination of Rachel Ray and only three cups of coffee and a bowl of oatmeal for fuel, I stuck a fork in it at 45 minutes. I did do some core work later in the day, so, I'll log it. 

Tuesday was scheduled to be a 7 mile easy run at the lakes. We had busted out our first 20 miler on Saturday and this was supposed to be recovery. We decided to run the roads around Lake Harriet instead of the trails to add in some hills. Starting out we were cruising and about half a mile in I had already used my breakfast - I was fricking STARVING (I really hate that.) My legs were protesting from Sunday and my grind the day before, but then something strange happened. I started speeding up - and everyone came with me. I just wanted to be done and the only way to be done sooner was to run faster. We were all still chatting, so I don't think we realized what was going on until we were back to the second lake, but by that time I was having such a good time going fast that I didn't back off and no one called me out on it. We added the hills and finished strong adding a loop around the parking lot to get to 7.00 miles, exactly. 

When I got home and downloaded the data, we had, again, massively negative split the run with the last mile the fastest. And it didn't even feel that tough. I LOVE that!

Last night I did my core work while watching The Biggest Loser. A HUGE improvement over eating a dozen Oreos while watching The Biggest Loser. 

I made it to Masters this morning. I had only one short, but tough, open water swim last week, so I didn't have high expectations for this morning's IM workout. Then I rocked it! I usually drill/loaf the fly part of the IM - hey, I don't need to do fly in a triathlon, so who cares - but this morning I was feeling really strong and loose, so although I still drilled some of it, I swam a lot more of it and held really good, strong form. I hit the fast intervals and really worked through the lactic acid build-up. Log another good one.

Tomorrow is our first track work out - 800's. I really like these workouts and inevitably do them too fast - but they are evenly paced. So that will help get the metabolism going, right? Then swimming or biking or both on Friday and 16 miles on Saturday. I might go 6 for 7 again this week. How cool would that be?

See ya pudge!


Mike said...

Not sure if you're aware of these but if you're doing 16 on Saturday morning, you might consider this:

They provide the fluids and it covers the southern portion of the course, which apparently is still a work in process and has either a really long downhill & a really steep uphill or a really steep downhill and a really long uphill.

D said...

Tis the season of de-fatting, eh? Gotta love it!

Charisa said...

I think you should market pudge-be-gone like the SHAM WOW! Oh, and nice run - love that feeling when you speed up and it doesn't hurt :)

Natalie said...

That would be kinda like that movie with Jack Black about the poo spray. Just make sure it doesn't cause a bad after effect like that stuff did!

BreeWee said...

This post made me think I was writing!!

"haha, yep, missed swimming so I ran instead, then I stuck a fork in it, then I went out too hard..."

Please let me know if you ever get the pudge-be-gone created!