Tuesday, May 19, 2009

All Right You Maniacs!

Almost immediately after uploading my last post I was implored (berated?) to post pictures. Pictures are great, but they have their time and place. Me trying on a new shirt, not the time. In the bathroom, not the place. The "time" - you know "shirt-trying-on-time" - is usually less than interesting and the "place" - well bringing a camera in the bathroom is just plain weird and if it's a public bathroom you could get yourself thrown in the slammer for a night or two. (Um, or so I have heard.) 

That being said. I ventured back into my bathroom with my camera to reenact the "Donning of the Too Tight Tri-shirt" for my adoring fans. (I will also do anything on a dare or for one dollar.)

The pictures on my previous post - the one immediately below this one - are reenactment photos, but I gotta tell ya - it was a pretty faithful reenactment. That thing is still damn hard to get on and off. But now you can all see how slimming it is and how goood it makes me look. (You also get to see how hairy I am and my man nipples. And a little bit of my bathroom. Lucky.)

Oh, yeah the tuft of chest hair - it comes off Thursday - already made the appointment with the esthetist. (No! I am not getting my chest completely waxed just along the collar bone so I look less like a neanderthal. How is that for too much info?)


Charisa said...

Now THAT just made my day!!!!! Most awesome! (And yes, quite slimming I must say!!)

Mary V! said...

I think I'm kind of grossed out...
Your sis!