Monday, May 18, 2009

Legs of Lead

At least that is what they felt like at Masters this morning. Long set with many 400's and not much zip in the kick, but who really kicks anyway, right? I am feeling both the 16 miles I ran on Friday and the effects of the taper. Tomorrow should feel particularly horrendous at this time in our taper. I can't wait. I am really looking forward to this marathon being over so I can concentrate on biking more. Again, good sign, getting a little antsy about the reduction in training volume. We are planning on biking on Wednesday again and then no biking for me until after the race. So close, yet so far.

On a more embarrassing note - I went out to lunch with my old boss and we decided we were going to sit outside because it is absolutely beautiful. As I was driving downtown to m
eet him I realized I had not put any sunscreen on my lily-ass-white arms so I popped into Walgreen's and picked up some Bullfrog and Neutrogena sunscreen. I opted for the Bullfrog and proceeded to slather it on my arms, neck, nose and cheeks - I had a hat on - no need for the forehead (And "Yes" I got my ears as well, I always get my ears.) I had a short-sleeved black shirt on and noticed that I had gotten a little dab on my sleeve - it kind of looked like bird-poop, but I am in a non-caring mood right now so I just went with it.  I noticed that the stuff didn't soak in very well on my arms, but again, who cares. Ate lunch, walked down the street, drove home. 

When I got home I looked at my arms again. Still no soaking in. (I know that Bullfrog has titanium dioxide in it - but obviously didn't think about what that might mean.) The collar of my shirt was white, my face was white, my shirt sleeves were white. I kind of looked like an ashy, flaking albino. From now on - Bullfrog only goes on when I am swimming, biking or running and the good Neutrogena stuff goes on every other time. I am dumb.


Maggs said...

Haha. I'm pretty anal about getting my ears too. I've burnt them too many times and it hurts! And is gross when they peel!

I love Neutrogena, but it doesn't soak in right a way either. But it's all I wear.

Well, not all I wear, but you get the idea.

Mary said...

So what on earth where you thinking when you walked in your house and did not immediately reach for the camera so we all could see it?