Saturday, May 16, 2009

OK - Maybe Every OTHER Day

Yesterday I had another double workout day. I had Masters in the morning as usual for a Friday, but because my wife was going to be out both Saturday and Sunday I had to get my long run in on Friday. We are in taper mode as you know so this long run wasn't quite as long. (16 miles is still long.) I decided to get it out of the way and so as soon as I got home from dropping the dog at his school and the boy at his (the tummy ache ploy doesn't work on me anymore) I got after it. 

The weather was beautiful. It was unseasonably cool, sunny and very windy, but a great day to run. Thursday we did a threshold run - which was fun and fast by the way - but my legs were still feeling it. The first eight miles were achey and kind of a struggle. I took a quick water and gel break and things seemed to go much better. My pace was a little all over the place for those first eight miles and I am tempted to blame it on the wind, but more likely it was the running the day before and swimming. The next six miles were much better - a little faster and more consistent. I take that back - they were awesome! I totally overtook a person on roller skates and I almost caught a person on a bike until they went down a hill. Damn, I am super fast. (Honestly, I knew my pace in both instances and it was not "other worldy"-  those people were just extremely slow.) I totally loafed the last two miles back home as a warm-down - I figured I deserved it.

Now I have about three days off from running. I might be able to swim and bike on Monday, but the weekend is free of activity. For now my tired and sore legs get a well deserved break. Maybe two a days are too much or my old bod - at least without a rest day in between.


Charisa said...

Overtook a person on rollerskates?! Where do you run that people roller skate? Are you stuck in 1982? :) Enjoy your break!

Frayed Laces said...

Are you sure the "roller skater" wasn't just a 4 year old with wheelies? Maybe you envisioned him as an adult to make yourself feel better, hmm? :)