Monday, May 4, 2009

Small Victories

I am officially a freelance writer. My first article was published and I will get a check in the mail shortly. Check it out here. (I edited the pub down so it wouldn't be so big.) Those are my pictures as well. (I wonder if this justifies a new digital SLR? Scheming, scheming.)


Charisa said...

Whoooo hoooooo awesome! And you get paid for it!! Even better. And I want one of those chairs!! :)

Maggs said...

Sweet. And yeah, that furniture rocks.

t-odd said...

I know an importer who would love to get you any of the furniture you have seen. And I'll give you the designer discount.

Mary said...

That is soooo awesome.

Way to go. The trip was worth it!

Nice job.

You got some great momentum going into May.

Court said...

Todd! Awesome job, congrats.