Monday, May 11, 2009

Taper Time

We did our last 20+ mile run on Saturday. I, personally, thought it went pretty well. It was uncomfortable at the end (as it should be to some extent,) but we held a pretty good pace about :38 seconds over our marathon pace. Thankfully, there was no crying, near crying or negative comments throughout the whole run by me or MS or LF. It must be pointed out that a week prior to this run we raced a half marathon, so we were all still feeling it. Now we taper. 

We are starting our three week taper, but I am more of a two week taper guy. I like to keep a little more mileage during this week and then drop the training off the cliff after this coming Saturday. Fitness-wise I think we are in great shape, no injuries (that anyone is admitting to) and everyone is feeling healthy. Only problem is a little confidence issue. 

One person, who shall remain nameless but who knows who she is, can't imagine running our pace for 26.2 miles. She has never done it, so she can't see herself doing it. I post this not to embarrass her or call her out, but to solicit advice, encouragement, experience. (The thing is - we have run this pace on numerous training runs and we have held it no problem - granted it's not a full marathon, but we will be rested and fresh when it is. She is also super fit - biking and swimming along with running for a HIM in July.) 

Don't get me wrong, I don't think this will be "easy" and/or comfortable, but what goal worth achieving ever is? I see the three of us crossing the finish line and hugging (yes, I will hug these sweaty, stinky chicks) when they qualify for Boston. I just hope I don't have to yell at them along the way.

Anyone willing to provide encouragement please do so in comments and I will forward them to "un-named individual."


D said...

Todd, you don't have to mask your fear. We won't call you a pussy... to your face.

Maggs said...

The reason I went to the pool and swam the very first time was because a hot guy said he was going. Another hot guy suggested I start doing triathlons. I'm all about hot guys. :-)

t-odd said...

Maggs - ME TOO! We have so much in common.

Court said...

Dear "unnamed runner girl": you are a bad-ass and you will totally kick ass!!! Don't forget you'll have adrenaline and crowd-support to push you through. You got this.

Mike said...

Tell her to hike up her skirt and get focused on 3:45! A good dose of mental toughness is worth 10-15 minutes in the marathon. A nice taper is worth another 10-15 minutes. Getting to mile 20, 21, 22 on pace for a BQ will provide the necessary adrenaline needed for those last few miles! Good luck, you guys have worked really hard, long runs, marathon pace runs, hills, speedwork, runs at -20 degrees and unthinkable windchills. Now's not the time to start doubting

Charisa said...

Race advice - races are so so so different than training. And something nice happens - if the training was done (and it appears it all was) it falls into place on race day and just gets done. Your friend will rock!!

And you went to the pool and got into tri for a hot guy?!! Does your wife know about this??

Question Authority. said...

Oprah ran one in 4:29 sec. The unnamed ass kicker will most certainly finish faster than 3:45.

Mary said...

OMG the love.

Thank you Space Toddyssey loving folks.

I'm not shy, nor do I care that T-odd talks about my insecurities. I will gladly talk about them and clearly T-odd will too.

I know "it" will be there. We have trained. It will come together. I know this, I am a comes together! But that last 1/2 marathon put me in a tail spin, making me wonder.

Thanks for all your support and advice.