Tuesday, May 26, 2009

To Swim or Not To Swim

I feel like I should post something just so people are not greeted with "Mr. Walrus Dick" when they come to visit. 

We had a busy weekend. Ran ten relatively easy miles Saturday morning for our last longer run before the marathon this coming Sunday. The weather was beautiful so we did a lot of stuff outside. The kids had swimming lessons - which are going very well. We were having people over for dinner the rest of the weekend so we decided to go out to eat. There is this new restaurant called Burger Jones that just opened. This place is good. They have gourmet hamburgers - here's the website - I had the black and blue burger which had just the right amount of black pepper and just the right amount of blue cheese. 

Sunday night we had A's parents, my sister and her family and another family that are mutual friends of my sister and mine over for dinner (confused? Too bad.) I grilled up bacon wrapped steaks from Costco. Highly recommended! The kids had hot dogs, because that is what kids eat. We are a walking cliche. 

Monday we had more people over. Four families from the kid's school came over for burgers, hot dogs, brats, kilbasa on the grill. We were just going to have burgers and hot dogs, but I kept finding things in the refrigerator that needed to be grilled. A made this awesome bean salad. She just made enough to feed a small army. It will be good this week as I get ready for the race. 

Why polska kilbasa, you ask? When we were at Costco F was hitting all the samples and he came across the kilbasa samples. After some encouragement from me, he took one and tried it.

Me: "F, how is it?"

He went back for three more samples and when E came up he took her over so she could try it and he took two more. 

This morning we ran four miles. I wasn't planning on doing anything but running this week, but now I am tempted to swim tomorrow. So, should I? I don't think I will, but I am tempted. 

All right, this was the all time lamest post ever. But now my mom doesn't have to see walrus "parts." I will try to do better next time. Maybe I will include pictures. Sorry, that's about five minutes that I now owe all of you. Please come back again, I promise it won't always be this b-o-r-i-n-g. 


D said...

I'm debating whether or not to swim tonight, so clearly I'm not help.

NJ said...

Go swim! Make it an easy, leisurly pace and just enjoy it. Let the water feel good on your muscles and joints then hit the sauna or steam room after! Geez...makes me want to do that too!

Charisa said...

I think Roo would think this is the BEST POST EVER with all the bacon, etc. Good luck on Sunday - can't wait to hear about it!!

Mary said...

I think we should pack out wet suits tomorrow and take a morning swim after our run????

And the walrus dick looks a lot like the kilbasa, no?