Monday, June 22, 2009

Back to Training

I took yesterday off - it was Father's Day and I was lazy. I am back at it today. I swam with Master's this morning. It was warm and muggy. I felt like I swam to the pool. Monday is usually distance day and today was no different - 400s LCM. I toughed them out because I was surprisingly still sore from Saturday's race. I missed my floaty wetsuit, too. I got chicked once in my lane and by some speedy older woman one lane over. Ah, who cares. There will be people faster and slower then me no matter where I go or what I do - we are all on a different page of our story. (Not that this is any "excuse" but the woman in my lane was swimming with paddles and a pull-buoy - I was not. When we lost the "accessories" on the last one I was back in front.)

I know I am working hard when I am sweating standing in the pool. It doesn't help that the pool is as warm as pee right now, ugh. I was still sweating after I took my shower at the pool and at home. I tweeted about it and got this response:

I will not be ordering a "book" to "learn" how to sweat less - ridiculous.

I am planning on doing a brick this afternoon - when it is brutally hot. A hard hour on the bike and then a four mile run, fast. Depending on timing I may have to do the bike in the garage on the trainer so I can be around for the kids. Not ideal but not the worst option. I will also be practicing getting my feet into and out of my bike shoes while on the bike - multiple times. The countdown is on for Lifetime Olympic and the HIM - here we go!

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Charisa said...

Warm pool in the summer is always kind of gross - ours gets hot too - especially if I swim at lunch.