Friday, June 12, 2009

The Pain of Owning a Dog

A couple of days ago my calf was sore. I rubbed it to try to loosen it up. Just touching it made it hurt worse. Then I had my foot up on the table and I saw this:

The day before, Apollo and I had been playing in the backyard and he came tearing around our big tree and smashed his cement truck size head into my leg. I jokingly told him, "That's gonna leave a mark." Turns out, it did.


Maggs said...

Of course he hit his head and just shook it off. I seriously wonder how they do that.

Charisa said...

Smart dog! ha. Hey - so if you ever get a fixie from that site you can use this code to get some $ off. pneyfonqaJaFagicicPN

I think it might be only like $5 off, but better than nothing! :)