Wednesday, July 22, 2009

An Alternative Way to Fund a Vacation

We are on vacation in Door County, Wisconsin for two weeks. We have been coming here for years and one of our favorite stops is Al Johnson's Restaurant. This place is famous for Swedish pancakes and having goats on the grass roof. Every year I take pictures of the goats. 

Every year the kids try on viking hats.

And every year after eating we go to the park down the street. This year we had some extra entertainment. Someone training for the redneck olympics and getting his daughter or niece in on the act. 

This guy spent the whole time we were there sweeping the playground with a damn metal detector. Then he taught the little girl how to do it, but insisted on pocketing everything she found. I swear to god, people have no shame. (And put a shirt on for the love of Pete.)



Yeah, but look at the guns on that guy.

You and me both know how much candy money kids lose on the playground. BONUS!

NJ said...

That's Wisconsin for ya. Although they do have one good thing going for them...IM Moo!

Bummer that you won't be at Chisago this year. I was planning on heading up there to cheer on a few people and was looking forward to seeing you out there. Have a good vacation though. Keeping up with your training up there or taking it easy for a short time?

D said...

Now THIS is the kinda post I can get behind! Limited words, more pictures.

Have a GREAT trip!!

Charisa said...

Door County ROCKS! Their dried cherries are to die for :) And goats on the roof? I have not been there!!!