Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Injury Free No More

OK this is such a minor injury that compared to what Maggs is dealing with it barely counts, but for me it counts because I rarely get injured and this kind of hurts. (Oh, and I am currently wearing a skirt and painting my fingernails a sparkly shade of pink.)

I took the dog (the three-legged beast that he is) for a walk last night. As I was crossing our street - which is torn up right now and looks like some hillbilly thoroughfare or trailer park alley - my foot slipped out of my flip flop and I stepped down on a big pointy rock. Hard! Right in the middle of my heel.

The dog - eyeballing me. (The chess board is just a prop so we look all intellectual.)

My street - it's kind of third-world-ish right now.

The rock - or a near relative.

So now my heel is sore. I was supposed to go for a tempo run this morning and decided not to after waking up and realizing that my foot still hurt. (Hold on a sec, I have to hike up my skirt.) I could do a track workout this evening, but that might put my wife over the edge. I may just write the day off to "injury" and run tomorrow. 

It's OK, I'll get through this. I have lots of support and a positive attitude and this shouldn't affect my training. (Sounds like I lost my foot rather than have a minor bruise on my heel, doesn't it? I am such a little girl.)


D said...

Need some tips on how to get the sand out of your vagina?

Charisa said...

OUCH!!! I love your 3-legged dog!!

Molly said...

That sounds really painful. But Charisa is right, the dog is very cute! :)