Thursday, August 13, 2009


I ran this morning as usual. My schedule says a nice, easy run. I was running alone as some people are out of town while others are intimidated by me (what-everrr!) I decided to go 10 miles. Easy.

It was fricking fast! Faster than Tuesday and it felt like way less effort. In reality it was only very slightly more effort. Here is a comparison of the two runs:

(This is really small, I know.) On Tuesday my average was 8:00/mile - today it was 7:47/mile. My average HR on Tuesday was 135 with a max of 156 - today my average HR was 139 with a max of 154. I don't do math real good, so I won't even try, but that tells me that I was running faster with little additional effort. And the weather has actually been less than ideal here. This morning it was 70 degrees and Amazon humid. Tuesday it was probably about the same with a little less humidity.

After a stumbling start, I am feeling pretty good about where I am. The test will come with my next run - a 14 mile "long run." It's supposed to be at my easy run pace which appears to now lie somewhere between 7:45 and 8:00/mile rather than the 8:18/mile recommended by my SmartCoach program. We will be out of town this weekend, so I have to do my run either tomorrow morning with the husbands of my "running ladies" or on Saturday by myself around a lake up north. That decision can wait.


D said...

You know what's interesting? Stuff that DOESN'T have to do with training.

Mary said...

That's funny shit D!

Yeah Todd, blahhhh, blaaaahhhhhh, blahhhhhhh!

Run with the boys...I dare you, think you're fast?

t-odd said...

My TWO readers are jerks! I guess two jerky readers is better than none, but just barely.

Court said...

a third reader chiming in... sorry, we are not running together, you are too fast! Good luck with the marathon, maybe I'll see ya at the finish - once you've had a massage, a shower & lunch, I'll be coming in. Speedy, speedy!!

t-odd said...

COME ON! I can train as fast as I want, but none of that matters if I race like an idiot (I do have a history.) Enough about training. I will only post about other relatively uninteresting stuff. (Jerks)

Charisa said...

Run at the lake - new scenery!!! I see a PR in your future!