Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hini and the Airplane

In 11 days I will be running a marathon. Over the coming weekend I will be sealed in an aluminum infection cylinder for four hours after which I will be deposited into a tightly packed mass of virus incubating, germ-bags gathered together for a wedding in St. Louis, Mizzura. The wedding is a second wedding for one of A's college friends (it seems strange that it's already time for second weddings.) Now, if I come down with any illness - like H1N1 (a friend in F's class calls it "the Hini flu") I will be seriously irritated. I am not a big fan of air travel anyway (or second weddings for that matter - kidding) and this would absolutely put me over the edge.

Basically, I am right where I should be in my taper - edgy, achy, paranoid and prone to radical mood swings - this could be a very good race.

If I don't get sick.


NJ said...

Sending lots of positive "don't get sick" vibes your way! You could always fly "a la Michael Jackson" - face mask and gloves! Your kids would be embarrassed by you, wouldn't talk to you the whole flight = peace and quiet. But probably not a happy wife - or maybe so since your moody from your taper!

IAN said...

we are on similar pages. Got a wedding this weekend too and if sickness strikes I will be PISSSSSED!! Best of luck

Charisa said...

A guy at our office called in sick today - I was SOOOOO HAPPY he didn't just show up sick!!

Good thing all of us tapering people don't live in the same place - we'd be a scary bunch!!

Lots of hand washing!!!!! And sleep!!!

Steve Stenzel said...

Ooohh... GOOD LUCK!! Yeah, I don't care much for second weddings either!... ;)

D said...

My cat was siiiick and I had the swine. You'll be fine.

(Also, my word verification is "terse". Seems a little too fitting.)

kerrie said...

just bathe in hand sanitizer. i do it all the time. also, don't shake hands, it's much cooler to just rap knuckles with people. they'll think you're super hip then.