Monday, December 7, 2009

Does My Wife Know?

My wife and I had my birthday dinner last Saturday night and I explained how I was working with a coach named Amy Kloner so she knew; a) that I was planning ahead and would be able to give her advance notice of long run and/or bike days and b) she would recognize Amy's name on my phone and emails and not ask me, "Who is this 'Amy Kloner' person and why is she calling and emailing you and making you cry!?"

I also explained that she was in Atlanta, GA so she wouldn't have to worry about her showing up on our doorstep unannounced and dragging my wining ass for an 18 mile run.

She was surprisingly accepting of my new relationship. (I did leave out the earlier 'transgression' on Facebook. I didn't want to ruin my birthday dinner being punished again for that one. You know how chicks stick together.)


MM said...

I've made it big time. A whole post to my comment.

Charisa said...

Ahhhhhaha - awesome! A.K. is going to kick your butt into fastness shape :)

ADC said...

Very cute. At least Shaun and I are both coached by Jen - so when he has a burger or beer I threaten that I would tell Jen about it.