Monday, January 25, 2010


Well, it's that time of year. The time of year when I start to question what the hell I am doing with my life. That, or it's seasonal affective disorder, but I prefer the obsessive navel gazing and questioning the choices in my life because it makes for a better (or sadder or more self-indulgent - definitely self-indulgent) blog post.

Winter seems so ridiculously long at this point. I know! No one is holding a gun to my head keeping me here, but, as I have pointed out before, all my stuff is here and I really hate moving. And when I say "stuff" I am including my wife and kids and dog and my emotional baggage - you know, the "stuff" I have become strangely and strongly attached to.

Come mid-April it will be two years since I was laid off from my full-time job as a commercial interior designer. At this point though, everything gets rounded up, so - it's been two years since I had a job. I have done some other things in the past two years, but seeing as those were short-term and part-time they don't seem to register or count.

A thought just occurred to me - didn't I formulate a plan for the future a number of weeks back? (The same thought probably occurred to you way before it occurred to me and I appreciate you sticking with this post as this is territory we have trampled before.) Yeah, the plan. OK I just need to work the plan. All right - enough of this then.

Injury update

I will have my next PT appt. on Wed. Since my initial appt. I have been doing my exercises and feeling major improvement. I now walk up and down stairs without pain. I rode the trainer for 90 minutes and felt no residual effects later in the day as I had been - my ass still hurts, but that is just my boney butt. I will do a short run this afternoon and see how everything feels after that. This evening I do my exercises again - twice a day, already did them this morning.

This past Saturday I was supposed to run the Frozen Half-marathon (see Steve in a Speedo's report here) but opted to pass so as to not aggravate my injury or my wife or both. It was a very wise decision as the weather was less than ideal - rainy (gross,) cold (miserable) and potentially icy (dangerous - for me anyway.) I am also happy to report that neither my injury nor my wife were aggravated Saturday morning. (My wife may have been aggravated, but no more so than usual. She is married to me after all so a constant level of aggravation is included with this premium package.)

Travel update

This past weekend my lovely wife celebrated her 40th birthday. This weekend we will really celebrate it with a trip to Vegas with two of her college girlfriends, one of their husbands and a 5-month-old baby. I know and love all these people (except the baby - we've never met) so I am looking forward to a good time. I hope to have some pictures and words to prove how much fun we had. And since I am "Sober Cab" nothing is off-limits. Mmwhahahaha.


Jill Costantino said...

Happy 40th to your wife! Vegas should be pretty interesting with a 5 mth old.
The job thing will come. Usually the right one shows up when you least expect it. Probably like the wife and kids!

NJ said...

Happy Birthday to A!

WOW...I didn't realize you had been laid off for almost 2 years. It's "only" been a year and 3 months for me, but I had a temporary and part time gig that ended a year ago this March. I guess I shouldn't feel quite so bad or depressed about it. But good news for have a plan! your hand down your pants in that picture?

Lisa T said...

Right when I was thinking that picture wasn't so bad I realized you had your hand down your pants. At least you weren't picking lint out of your belly button. (I just gagged. Really.)

t-odd said...

There were no arm rests on that chair and my arm was tired so I just tucked my hand in my waistband. It's not like I had my whole hand and forearm shoved in my shorts.

And I warned you it wouldn' be pretty.

MM said...

Here I thought you started blogging when you lost your job.

ADC said...

Have fun in Vegas. We want some embarassing pictures.

Charisa said...

1 - Awesome you can walk up stairs again.
2 - Your wife must be one amazing lady
3 - Hope she has a happy birthday
4 - Vegas - I expect great posts and PHOTOS!

IAN said...

" I know and love all these people (except the baby - we've never met)"
hahahahahaaa. I am sure he sucks. Most babies do.

Is it even possible to have fun in Vegas with a baby in tow? The guys from the Hangover did it, but they are all stars.

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

It's the time of year - I'm feeling funky too. A trip is just the ticket - you'll let down your hair in Vegas and set things right again.