Friday, January 8, 2010

No More, Please!

Today I hit the treadmill for the second time. Isn't two times in a lifetime more than enough? (And when I say "lifetime" I don't mean "Lifetime" as in "Lifetime Fitness" where I happened to be running on aforementioned treadmill. Although, the less time I can spend at the "health club" known as "Lifetime Fitness" the better.)

Today's run was better. First, I started it at about 11 AM rather than around 5 PM the last time. Second, the club was emptier. Although people still insisted on running right next to me even though there were tons of empty treadmills. Third, and most importantly, the run was shorter. I got new headphones that hook over my ears so they don't fall out, so that helped even more.

As I indicated before, I can't watch TV while I run or while I bike on the trainer. I picked the treadmill that wasn't directly in front of a TV. Here was my view:

I stared at that column for an hour.

At the end of it all I had successfully flung sweat all over the place. Again, why would anyone want to run next to me?

I just left it like that so the next person would know how hard I worked and they would feel inadequate. (No, I didn't. I cleaned up thoroughly.)

Afterward, I was chatting with MS - my fellow IMWI attendee and the person I "used" to get into the "health club." Anywho, she was talking about her coach. He had her do a swim test and lift, which she did while I was running. So, we were talking about what we were each doing and her coach has her quitting drinking, quitting coffee and keeping all sorts of records of her nutrition and all sorts of other "metrics." I told her my coach just gives me killer workouts to do and I do them.

Now we have a "Biggest Loser" type scenario - we are going to see whose coach will punish them the most. (And who is going to see the biggest gains - not in weight, hopefully.) It will be fun to see what happens in the "elimination room."


MM said...

You already don't drink right? You'll kick her ass.

D said...

Ah the silver LifeFitness treadmills. My FAVORITE!! Just thinking about them makes me look forward to my intervals on Tuesday :)))

Molly said...

Ewwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did not need to know you sweated THAT much, I believed you the first time.

jameson said...

"my coach just gives me killer workouts to do and I do them"


you'll win. just do the work and think as little as possible.

Teresa said...

Isn't part of training eating? You chose the right will be the biggest loser!


Cinthia said...

Hey t-odd:
Just came across your blog. I'm an Alaskan runner struggling through the cold and ice and yeah, I sometimes resort to the dreadmill too, sigh, sigh.
I'm also a journalist and love your writing style. Send me a line if you ever need help with freelance article suggestions, editing, etc.
Oh wait, my blog isn't up yet (it's coming soon!). I'll send you a link in a few weeks when it's done.

Charisa said...

Look you're getting work already in the post above me!! And yah - you will win - you're doing the killer workouts!!

Question Authority. said...

Which one has Jillian and which one has Bob?

Roo said...

Yesterday I did a boot camp class a friend taught. At one point during a partner exercise I realized my partner was sweating on me. Ugh. You two could be rivals in a sweat contest.

ADC said...

You sweat a lt. Remind me never to run next to you.