Thursday, January 14, 2010

"The Procrastinators"

Here is a picture of our living room taken December 6th.


Here is a picture of our living room taken moments ago.

Pretty sad.

Not much has changed. We have become "The Procrastinators." Since the start of 2010 a whole 14 days ago we haven't done a damn thing that needs to be done. There are five baskets of laundry that we trip over constantly in our bedroom waiting to be folded. And then there are the Christmas decorations.

For someone who talked so much about his dislike for the holidays, I seem to have an incredibly high tolerance for keeping the Christmas decorations around. And it seems like neither A nor I have any urgency to take them all down as A said at dinner, "We should probably take the Christmas tree down one of these days," and I replied, "uh huh," and then we went on to talk about something completely different. So what does this all mean? One of two things - A has adopted a sense of Zen for 2010 or she is medicating - self or prescribed, I am not sure. The only thing I know for sure is that I am down to two pairs of underpants so I better fold that fricking laundry before I completely run out.
Some completely unrelated items:

The Minnesota Wild beat the Vancouver Canucks 5 -2 last night. Woohoo! Go Wild! (Clever, huh?)

Blog commenter cinthia - please send me an email (go to my profile.) I have a couple of questions for you. Thanks.

I did indeed kill my iPod with my own sweat. How am I so certain? Well, it doesn't work and a little dust of salt crystals puff out around the touch wheel and the edges of the screen when I press on either of them. Today I buy a new iPod and a WATERPROOF case. Damn treadmill running.


D said...

Talking about hockey, huh? Interesting.

There's a reason I don't put up decorations in the first place.

Jill Costantino said...

whoever in the family picked out the tree skirt - I LOVE IT! I have been looking for one for a long time and I think I might steal yours. That would help with the dismantalling of at least one of your decorations!
I can't believe that you need a waterprrof case for your sweat! That's funny, but I shouldn't really laugh because I have noticed in previous treadmill experiences that sometimes if I am 1/2 way through my workout and my ponytail is flingling sweat all over people don't go beside me.

Molly said...

Not only was it a pretty impressive game, but I was thinking Vancouver needs some better enforcers because the fights...they were getting completely pounded on by the Wild. At least Burrows didn't accuse any other refs of having it out for him.

Lisa T said...

Get a waterproof shuffle from I killed 3 ipods before getting one and that thing has lasted over a year. Plus, you can swim with it on if the coach let's you.

You don't really need to FOLD the laundry to have clean underwear.

IAN said...

Do you really fold your shorts? Little OCD in my book. Just sayin.

MM said...

If we were good enough friends for you to get a Christmas gift you would still be waiting on the gift to go under that tree. Sometime this week I'm mailing out my Christmas gifts to family. Friends, well, maybe next month.

Erin said...

The Canucks were in the building, but I simply wouldn't call that playing. Luongo was asleep or something. Poor effort by the team. We'll give you one. Aren't we 8-1-1 against the Wild now?! :P

ooh Molly, cheap shot at Burrows. I think he had a fair case. I think Auger should have been penalized. The reffing in that game was horrid.

Charisa said...

Putting away Christmas decorations is a PAIN! I don't blame you at all.

ADC said...

Keep folding! The thought of you with no underpants is scary ;)
And stop slacking and get that tree down.

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

Ha! You killed your iPod with sweat - that's funny. And pretty impressive!

Missy said...

As soon as the daYum holiday is over, I want that daYum tree down. I totally understand it. I can love it and hate it all at the same time.

PS Love your one legged dog. What is the deal with one legged Staffordshire Terriers? There's one in my neighborhood and my dog (a Boxer) has one eye. Together, we may get a whole dog out of this!