Sunday, June 13, 2010

2010 Honu 70.3 - Race Pictures

Here are some pictures on the course. Thanks MM for showing me how to steal these from the overpriced course photographers.

Lots of good ones from the swim. This is when I was still feeling good. I do hate looking at pictures of myself. Does my head look too small for my body? Maybe it's the swim cap, but I look like kind of a pinhead. And I have no idea what I'm smuggling in my trunks. (Sorry mom.) Let's explain it as the chamois in my bike shorts.

Couple of good shots on the bike course. The first one shows that it's so hot and sunny it over exposed the shot. Also, notice how I am riding at a slight angle. The crosswinds were killer. Other than that I look pretty good in both shots - no snot rockets or adjusting my junk or anything.

These two running shots are excellent because it makes it look like I am actually picking up my feet. The second is evidence that I actually finished (although not in a particularly stunning time.)

This concludes my 2010 Honu 70.3 adventure. Hope you enjoyed some of it.


Charisa said...

Oh you do look just like the sweater guy in your profile pic!

Tasha the Triathlon Goddess ( said...

Nice time on your half!

Umm, I feel like I should say something else now, something snarky....but I gots nothing. Sorry. :-(

Teresa said...

Way to "play it cool" for the photos!



ADC said...

Nice pics.Now share some stealing tips.

kerrie said...

really, what is that in your suit?