Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Successful Scape

I woke up early to get my 5 hour ride done so I wouldn't have any excuses. 6 AM and I was on the road. The day was nearly perfect. Cool, clear skies, little to no wind. The downside - it was hu-mid. The dewpoint was a single degree cooler than the air temp. (As we should all know by now, it's not the humidity, but the dewpoint that really determines how sticky it is.) I slathered on some Scape SPF 30+ sunscreen. This would be a tough test of its "sweatproof-ness," "non-eye-stinging-ness" and "screening-ness." Application was uneventful. It is nicely scent-free (or so lightly scented that I don't remember it.) I didn't need a large amount, which was nice. A modest amount covered nicely. First experience was a good experience.

For the most part, my ride was good. I did get stung by a bee as I was descending a long hill at 40 MPH. I can only imagine how insane I looked as I swatted at my inner thigh while trying to maintain control and screaming like my daughter when she was 4. (I am kidding about the screaming part -- I said "fuck" a few times, but everyone will choose to believe my previous statement.) Oh, and I am not allergic to bee stings, but we found that out last summer.

The whole ride was sunny. A little headwind came up in the last couple of hours, but nothing major. It was a beautiful ride in the farm fields of Minnesota. My biggest complaint was that I kept having to clean my glasses because I was spraying sweat all over the inside of them. (I have long, luxurious lashes and combined with my prodigious sweat production they do a nice job of coating the inside of my sunglasses.)

Now, riding for 5 hours is apparently a very dirty job, as illustrated by my legs (or "leg".)

I got a FB comment regarding this picture:

Mission accomplished! Scape sunscreen stayed with me for the duration of my ride and its protection remained undeterred by excessive sweat and road grime and I experienced no eye stinging. So is Scape "the shit"? Well, it's not completely issue-free. When I got home and looked in the mirror my face looked a little "ghosty." So did my arms and legs. There was a also a little "ghosty" residue on the kitchen table where I rested my arms after application. Deal breakers? Not at all. Barriers to a full-fledged endorsement? Not in the least.

Bottom line is I really like this product. I like the lack of scent. I actually kind of like the "ghosty" effect - I tell myself it's keeping me cool (white reflects light, right?) - and it's reassuring to see that my protection hasn't washed off even in my gallons of sweat. And the promise it won't run into your eyes? Successfully proven.

This is my go-to sunscreen for the rest of my workouts this summer. Right now it's not available in Minnesota, but you can order it at any number of on-line retailers. Thanks for the samples Scape Labs. You have a believer.


D said...

I sniff salesman ickiness...

SSB said...

The ghosty effect. Funny.

Teresa said...

I noticed that too, I was whiter after riding with it for 5 plus hours than I was before I started, how does that happen :)


Charisa said...


kerrie said...

it's like white is the new black.