Monday, August 23, 2010

My Son's First Tri and the Amazing Douchebags

F completed his first triathlon this past weekend. Some of his friends were doing it and he decided a week before to sign up. As the day grew closer he became more and more apathetic (apathetic isn't really the right word - he just wasn't all "into it" but he still was wanted to do it.) Being the uptight, type-A athlete that I am, I kept ticking off in my mind what he needed to bring with him. He was so laid back about the whole thing, that I had to remind myself to chill and that it was his race and not mine. I made sure he had the basics - keep it simple. (ie: no aero helmet necessary.)

As we drove to the race we discussed what he would do if he had any problems. Water in your mouth or goggles? Stop, clear them and keep going. Steep hill on your bike? Shift to an easier gear and keep going. Getting tired on the run? Walk a little and keep going.

Suddenly he was into it. He started talking about half ironmans and a racing bike. I just told him to concentrate on the race right in front of him and we can discuss the other stuff later (much later.) He was so fun and funny. Our race strategy was to not go out too fast and to persevere over any difficulties.

We got him registered including his one-day USAT membership (which I thought was funny) and we found his age group muster point.

We found his friends and waited around.

Now, this race was an untimed, charity event for kids with cancer. F was racing for Joey who is 6 and has leukemia. It was meant to be fun (competitive yes, because it is a race) but just a fun family event - low key. The dad's of a couple of F's friends are triathletes and I was joking that I had been thinking about wheeling my tri bike around and wearing my race kit complete with aero helmet (I don't have an aero helmet) all over the event just to show how cool I am. We had a great laugh - I would have looked like such a douchebag.

A and I both brought cameras but we were both stupid. Mine didn't have any power and A left her memory card in the computer so we both got like three good pictures and the rest are phone pics. I was at the swim out, but didn't get any pics.

At T1. He's in the blue shirt right by the yellow sign with #11.

Coming to the bike dismount at T2.

Heading out of T2. So happy! (F and me.)

Little bit of trail run. Still smiling.

After this picture I made a bee line to the finish. Apparently he took a shortcut (not really, I just didn't realize how quick the finish came after that last picture) and A and I both missed his finish. We waited and waited and then the mom of one of his friends told us he had already finished and was waiting for us at the prize tent. Too bad we missed him, but when we found him he was still smiling although obviously tired. He rode to brunch with me and all he could talk about was doing his next tri and how he thought he should do a HIM before he does an Ironman and are there any more tris this summer and he should probably start training a little more seriously and how did Sprite get its name and can he have french toast for breakfast and hot chocolate with whipped cream and how we are the only two people in the family who have done a triathlon and we should train together. I'm glad he's excited and had such a fun time.

Oh, turns out I'm prophetic. As we are standing around in the crowd near the awards stage what rolls up but a couple. A couple of the most amazing douchebags. These two stood out like a couple of sore thumbs (that is the lamest cliche ever, but I agonized over something more creative and I just couldn't make it work. Sorry.)

She's riding a Seven with HED wheels. Yes, fancy pants you are obviously loaded as evidenced by your $7,000 bike. I can't tell what he's riding, but obviously he's a BIG deal because he's wearing an IMWI jersey. Whatever. It's all a little pretentious isn't it and it's kind of like wearing a t-shirt of the band whose concert you're attending - you don't want to be that guy.


NJ said...

So happy for F and to do it all with such a big smile! And congrats to you for not becoming "one of those dads" who gets uptight for his kid and takes the fun away. Saw way too many of those when my hubby used to coach basketball.

Just to satisfy my you and A have different memory cards for your cameras that you could have swapped or could you have shared the batteries? Again...just curious!

t-odd said...

NJ - We aren't THAT stupid (but close.) We have completely different cameras - silly? Yes.

Frayed Laces said...

Next time you should use posterboard to make a mock aero helmet for your kid. Then when the douchebags ask how they can get an aero helmet for their offspring you can tell them that it's custom and they can order one from you for $200.

RP said...

Kudos to your son. It is always fun to watch your kids race, specially when it is something you enjoy doing yourself. Great race report.

Could it be that maybe those two DBs happened upon the race by accident? I know, silly me.

t-odd said...

Oh no - those two had a daughter in the race wearing a racing kit with sponsors on it. She was like 8 years old.

Question Authority. said...

HA. I was that guy Sat. I bought my concert t-shirt, got it signed, and put that baby on. I'm never taking it off!

Your little dude is cute. Great job, F!

Teresa said...

Love his much fun!!!

Beth said...

How fun!!! F looks so cute and look at that smile - we could all learn a thing or two from him! And just think how much faster he'll be with hit custom kit, aerohelmet, Zipp disc and Cervelo next year! ;)

kerrie said...

damn. i hate it when you take a picture of me and GG and post it without permission.

congrats to F! i bet he would've gone faster if his dad hadn't skimped so much on his equipment.

Jill Costantino said...

Congrats to F! Love the smiles.