Thursday, September 2, 2010

Blown Taper

Blew my taper. (Not really, but it felt like it.)

It's that time of year again - Minnesota State Fair time. Normally we go on a morning and it's usually brutally hot, but this year was different. First of all, a lot of schools in the metro area started school this week which is unusually early (by law schools aren't supposed to start until after Labor Day, but districts that need more test prep time can petition to start early. Apparently our district doesn't fall into that category.) Secondly, the weather was cool, but sketchy. And "C," we went later in the afternoon. All of these things meant that crowds were light so we didn't see quite as many morbidly obese people eating gigantic quantities of fried food and sweating profusely. The number of future teenage unwed mothers/strippers/hookers was reduced as well. Unfortunately, it also meant that by the time we got to them all the animal barns were closed, so we weren't able to check out the giant swine this year (remember last year?)

The lighter crowds meant easier access to fair food. I was hungry. I ate SO much bad stuff.

The greatest french fries in the world!

Deep fried cheese curds.

Pronto Pup. This ain't no "corn dog." So much better!

Sweet Martha's chocolate chip cookies. Unbelievably good and I am such a sucker for chocolate chip cookies.

I needed some "low fat" protein. This is the biggest turkey leg I have ever seen. It was delicious.

Fewer people meant the real train wrecks really stood out. This guy was my favorite.

Sweet terry cloth polo shirt with the popped color.

Do you workout? Maybe do a lot of upper body and no leg work? And do you do all this "working out" in a sunless cave? Yeah, thought so.

And then there were these two meat-heads.

"Dude, my lats are so big I can't put my arms down by my side." "I know, right? That's why I have to wear this shirt without sleeves."

Hate to break it to you boys, you're not strong you're just fat.

Our day ended with a driving downpour. Check off another State Fair experience and another summer over.


Tasha the Triathlon Goddess said...

How does this constitute blowing your taper? Methinks it sounds like a taper perfectly executed according to plan. Nice job!

Oh, and i laughed out loud at dorky guy. WTF???

SSB said...

Dude, that guy is whiter than you are.


Carbs and protein, looks like you hit all the essentials.

My old rowing coach's crew used to have a team dinner at a fish and chips joint the night before the biggest regatta of the year. They won multiple championships, and held the course record for years. Didn't hurt them.

ADC said...

Oh my God, that is hillarious. I wish I could have seen all that in person.