Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Steed Has Returned to the Stable

I picked up my Cannondale Slice from the bike shop yesterday. I had them strip it down so when I get a new frame I can have it rebuilt. It was sad to see the old girl all stripped down and especially sad that after all the time I spent sweating, spitting and GUing all over her we didn't get to finish the deed. (That sentence could probably be in Penthouse Forum. Sorry.) It's also sad that I won't be riding a Cannondale again. The "deal" they were offering me was no "deal" and didn't instill brand loyalty. So, I found a better ride for way less money (more on that in a later post.)

The question remains - what to do with this frame? I have included some pics of the crack. I could probably have it repaired and keep it as a spare frame or sell it ultra cheep. Suggestions appreciated.

Stripped. Sad.

The Crack

It's a pretty big crack, but I can't believe bad packing caused it.

A different angle.


Charisa said...

ouch that looks bad!

Jill Costantino said...

I can't tell how bad it is - but if it's still useable I would suggest keeping it for your indoor trainer and that way "IF" you fall (implying that it breaks on you - hopefully you don't just fall off your trainer for other reasons) you won't fall far. That's my 2 cents or less!

Teresa said...

yike, that crack looks scary!

hmmmm...can't wait for the new one!! :)

SSB said...

Yikes! That's a crack. Or two. I just dropped my bike off for last minute tune up and my stem is cracked. And of course there aren't any of the same size in town.

Meg said...

Ok, the Penthouse Forum sentence cracked me up. Sorry about your bike!

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

Is it carbon? Sadly I don't think there's anything you can with a cracked carbon frame.

ADC said...


NJ said...

Did you insure it? If so, would it be worth it to place a claim?

I say just get rid of the extra baggage and move on to the next bike. Not sure you'll get anything worth the time of posting it, but you could try Craigslist.