Monday, June 16, 2008


So I have been training for a marathon for like a year.  OK, it's really only been about 16 weeks or so (thank you L.) but I started running about ten months ago.  When I started running and how long I have been training really has nothing to do with this post so just ignore the previous information.  Anyway, Grandma's Marathon is finally upon us (this Saturday).  I have done the training with a great group of gals (I'd call them "ladies", but the way they talk, they don't qualify), I have been working my own weight program and doing cross training (for some triathlons I am doing - more on that on another post) and now I am in the middle of tapering.  Oh and about two months ago I got laid off.  Now I feel like a caged animal.  Up to a few weeks ago, if I felt pent up or anxious, I could go lift or hop on my bike, or go for a run.  But not now, not this close to the big race.  It's driving me crazy!  The job search goes slow, or actually about as expected considering the amount of energy I have invested thus far.  I feel like I really should be doing more (again, that subject will be tackled in a future post.)

Someone let me out of this cage!

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