Monday, June 23, 2008

More thoughts on the marathon

Pro: Did not get bloody nipples.
Con: Could not get cool

Pro: Did not poop my pants
Con: Had to pee mid race and got stuck behind two slow folks at the port a johns so paced to keep moving – looked ridiculous

Pro: Calves don’t hurt
Con: Quads are so sore I actually dread walking down stairs.

Pro: Crossed the finish line running.
Con: Walked more than I anticipated.

Pro: Ran fastest 10K I ever have - 48:52 (the first 10K)*
Con: Ran slowest 10K I ever have – 1:11:01 (the last 10K)*

Pro: Can’t wait to run another one
Con: Sorry honey.

*I have never raced a 10K so these are the only 10K times I have.

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