Monday, June 23, 2008

Things to remember for the next marathon:

(“Sorry” to anyone reading this post, it is really more for my recollection and isn’t particularly entertaining.)

1) Don’t go out too fast. Really hold your enthusiasm in check for the first seven or so miles. I imagine it feeling like l am walking while all these other people are running past. It will pay dividends at the end.
2) Eat right before the start. I mean right before. A Clif Builder bar. It is what I ate every morning before every run, less than half an hour before we started.
3) Drink the electrolyte drink and the water more consistently during the race, especially if it is warm. Be willing to walk through the water stops to make sure you can get what you need.
4) Eat on the course. Set your watch to go off every 20 minutes and eat half a gel packet.
5) Use the salt tabs. Train to use these on runs to make sure I am getting enough electrolytes.
6) Wear “Todd” somewhere prominently so people will call out your name. It can get damn lonely out there.
7) Train to go fast at the end. During long runs especially, dramatically pick up the pace for the last two to three miles. I mean really push it.

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