Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Countdown Begins

The Countdown has begun.  What countdown?  The countdown to the Twin Cities Marathon.  Taper started yesterday.  It was supposed to be a 14 miler but I only did 9, which ended up being a wise choice as I am now battling a head cold.  So, now it is all easy runs and a little speed work.  Plus, I have to be careful not to gain any weight now that my mileage is down.  (The GIANT bowl of ice cream I just ate won't help that.)  The funniest part is how I count down.  My countdown consists of checking and looking at the 10 day forecast (yes - I realize that the race is 14 days away, but I look for the trend of the weather) and then reconsidering everything - race plan, clothing options, nutrition options, everything.  Inevitably, in the end I go with what I planned on all along.  So, let the countdown continue.

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