Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What a difference a day makes

It is always easy to forget the adage that tomorrow will be better, especially when for the last six months my lack of employment has clouded my perceptions.  But boy, let me tell you, the last twenty-four hours have seen some radical improvements in aspects of my world.  (Unfortunately, not in the employment arena.)

Yesterday morning was cloudy, oppressively humid and warm (76 degrees at 5:30 AM) for this time of year (in my opinion). It was a running day and we ran three miles, were so sweaty and overheated and miserable (especially me) that I suggested we pack it in and get coffee.  So we did.  Yesterday was also the first day of school - F is in first grade and E is in third.  We got them on the bus with no problems and everyone was excited.  A went to mass with the kids and when she asked F how it was going his reply was "I hate it!  It's boring!"  A pointed out that he had been in school for all of an hour and a half and an hour of that was mass.

By noon the temp was about 80 and still humid but it started to rain.  In the span of about an hour and half the temp dropped 15 degrees and the humidity was cut in half. F came running off the bus yelling "SCHOOL IS AWESOME!"  I ran 17 1/2 miles this morning in perfect fall running weather - 50 degrees, sunny, breezy, low humidity.  And I start teaching this evening.  

What a difference a day makes.

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