Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Where Have I Been? What Have I Been Doing?

It's been about a week and much has happened, nothing of note on the employment front.  That is actually not true.  I am teaching at the U - Introduction to AutoCAD for Interior Designers.  The first day of class was shear brilliance.  I handed out the syllabus and laid down the rules and made the students chuckle a couple of times - 45 minutes, DONE!  Second day of class, not so glorious.  When I turned on my computer and opened the program all the menus, commands, buttons, etc. were gone.  I hate the way the U insists on having the absolutely most up to date versions.  Luckily, I have enough experience to just start right clicking on stuff until some familiar pops up.  Needless to say, I think I actually taught some stuff.  We will see when I go back tonight.

This past weekend I ran the City of Lakes 25K. It is a good tune-up for the Twin Cities Marathon in October.  I wanted to finish it in under 2 hours and have a faster half-marathon than my personal best.  Both goals achieved!  Final time - 1:59:42 (my watch said 1:59:14) and half marathon split 1:42:xx.  I ran to the start at Lake Harriet - two miles from home and then about another mile to the starting line, then of course I had to run back home after the race so I got in a nice long run all told.  The funniest part was running home with my commemorative mug in my hand.  This was the first race since I did the half-ironman in Door County. It amazes me how my body (and brain) didn't think twice about running for two+ hours, it seems like a short race after hammering for over five hours.  This should bode well for the marathon.

Now, I just have to find some full time employment.  Wish me luck!

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