Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Real Housewives

My wife watches questionable television.  For all her talk about limiting the amount and monitoring the content of television our kids watch, she watches the most ridiculous crap on the air.  (OK - I watch some crap, too and she doesn't watch these terrible shows on a regular basis, but there are a couple she seems to go back to.)  Her latest bit of "entertainment" is "Real Housewives of Atlanta" - a
winning spin-off of "Real Housewives of Orange County" and "Real Housewives of NYC".  I have decided that there is opportunity for yet another spin-off  - "Real Housewives of Country Club."  (For people not familiar - Country Club is the neighborhood we live in in Edina, MN. Kind of a misleading name, since it isn't connected to a golf course.)  Apparently, some people are impressed that they live in "Country Club" - the people we associate with, not so much - I think we all live more in the "country club" neighborhood with our eight year old Honda and Creeping Charlie infested front yard.  I will be placing an ad in the Country Club Neighborhood Life Magazine (see what I mean?  People impressed with themselves) and we'll see who has absolutely no shame and wants to embarrass themselves on national television.  

(OK - maybe not, but it could be "entertaining.")

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