Friday, November 28, 2008

Half-way There

That might not be completely accurate, but it feels like it because the stress of making a giant meal for 17 people is finally over.  One bird in the oven and one bird on the grill and they both turned out great and finished within minutes of each other. (My personal favorite was the grilled turkey, but I may be biased.)  



The aftermath

Everyone got along.  Crazy is still just that - crazy, but I was too busy to spend much time listening to her idiotic and ceaseless prattling.  Apparently, she is "thinking about getting her kids into soup" - as an example of idiotic prattling.

There was too much political talk so I would just get up and leave.  A's dad looks good (oh, he had a pace-maker implanted on Wednesday and was discharged Thursday around noon.)  We have about 36 hours left until we are left alone.  I think I might be able to survive.  

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